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The PERC system has proven very effective in controlling and even eliminating prairie dogs. Prairie dogs have increased exponentially in many states with 'dog' towns covering many square miles.

When treating prairie dog burrows, the wand (usually extended with a 3/8" pvc pipe replacing the 1/4" probe) is inserted into the burrow and dirt is shoveled plugging the burrow. Field experience has established that the treatment time for each burrow is from 3 to 4 minutes. Every live burrow should be treated.

PLEASE NOTE: to avoid non-targeted species, do not apply where there is evidence of white bird droppings around the burrow. Burrowing Owls are likely to inhabit burrows that have droppings around the burrow opening. Do not use this device in areas where the US Fish and Wildlife Service has determined that the Black Footed Ferret exists.

Use extreme caution when approaching Prairie Dog burrows as the Western Timber rattlesnake have been known to inhabit Prairie Dog burrows.



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