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Allen's Page

I have assembled the information contained in this web site from years of on-farm experience, very concentrated fieldwork developing PERC, and many hours studying many different University bulletins. Any errors or misconceptions are mine and mine alone. If the reader/visitor to this web site would bring errors to my attention, I would appreciate it and would be happy to discuss said error either on the phone or via email.

Thank you,
Allen Hurlburt

Photos of the H & M Gopher Control shop
in Tulelake, California

Images of H&M Gopher Control's shop
PERC 206's and 412's in assembly

Allen in the shop
Allen in the shop


University research study sites:


UC Davis
Colorado State University
University of Nebraska Gopher Handbook (PDF)

Ground Squirrels:

UC Davis
California Ground Squirrel Info
Colorado State University
Animal Diversity Web


Ohio State University

Voles (Meadow Mice or Field Mice):

UC Davis
University of Nebraska Vole Handbook (PDF)